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Meme: Five Doodles

Taken from azirae
MEME from emcyclopedia

The FIRST FIVE PEOPLE to comment in this post get to request a drabble DOODLE of any pair/character of their choosing (as long as they're within my knowledge of fandoms!). In return they HAVE TO POST this in their journal, regardless of ability.

If there is anyone out there who wants to do it, feel free to post.

New Art!

So...How's that Swine Flu treatin' ya?

We're doing GREAT!

HIMI the Piggy is here to save you!

To be continued...



I Fucking Hate School...

I'm sitting currently in Compositing class and it turns out that my teacher for it is a right cunt.

She doesn't let us listen to music, she doesn't let us make up work and she doesn't let us pretty much do anything of our own free will. She's even making us take an EXTRA class before we can even check out a camera to do the final project SHE IS ASKING FOR FOR US TO PASS THE CLASS!
She's a fucking bitch and I want to punch her in the ovaries. She's fucked in the head and I will probably fail this class for not wanting to take her shit...

I really hate being in school. I really wish I didn't have to be here but apparently I have so much money wrapped up in this I might as well finish...
Also I'm on one of the new Macs and they suck ass. Nothing works on it and it has errors every 5 seconds...

To be continued...


Candy Baby (Yes, This Again)

1. Put your MP3/iPod or other device that plays music on "Shuffle."
2. For each question, skip to the next song. Whichever song appears is your answer.
4. Tag seven other people using a note (including the person that sent it to you) that you believe will have as much fun with this game as you did.

To Da MemeCollapse )


Happy New Year!

What the title said!

Have a great one all!

To be continued...

The After Christmas Crash

Holy Hell,
That just kinda came and went didn't it?

For my family Christmas was in full swing and everyone else the spirit. As for Roberts, it didn't really feel like Christmas for some reason, and I agree with that.I think it's because the were advertising it at Halloween and so by the time if got here we were like "Big deal."
But it was enjoyable.
I got some very nice things:

-A hair straightener (This shit is awesome, it's all one handed and it has a rotating part that brushes your hair while it heats your hair to straightness. I can't use it too often though or it dries out my hair)
-A hug stuffed penguin (I dunno, Grandma likes to give the girls stuffed toys. I LIKE IT!)
-New Pajamas (HURRAY!)
-2 amazing pairs of silver anklets from India (Given to me by Robert's father. The clasps are little elephant heads so I linked them together into a necklace.)
-Personal Trainer Cooking for the DS (Given to me by Robert because cookbooks annoy me. It's much easier to listen.)
-Finger Puppets in the shape of cats (Made by Benny...You will see them because no level of typing can describe how awesome these things are)

I also got a bunch of stuff from Mom, but God bless the woman...she does it so wrong it's sad.

So yes, the Christmas time if over and I got nothing to do. Schedule is open so yeah, hit me up or something!

To be continued...

And now, a song about flat-chested girls


Meme ahoy!

Cut for MEMECollapse )
To be continued...


$205 of Porn in My Head

Before you all go "WHAT?!" I will say this...I did not go out and buy $205 worth of porn.
I have been commissioned by a girl on Furraffinity to do her some images for her story/birthday.
It's an 90's cartoon jambary! 5 pictures of fun in ways I have never drawn. I look very forward to it.

I'm very happy with this.
Commissions are still open.
Feel free to inquire.

Also, due to a recent falling out, I have a bunch of crap that isn't mine I want to sell.
I have a Digi Charat hat, a phone charm, a shit load of manga and some cute Catgirl cards so if you're interested, drop me a line.
Pictures will come later.

To be continued...

Boys and Girls be AMBITIOUS!
Art done by my awesome Canadian friend Jewels