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Well, well, well...

Hello, Y!Gallery.

I was a member of your site for years. Liked posting my art onto your site for a while. And I love a lot of people on this site. Some of them are awesome friends.
But a couple of things started to bother me...
It started with piece I put up a long time ago. It was a picture of the Sand Siblings from Naruto, it had the two boys and one girl in it. I was kinda scared I would get it erased and so placed in description "Please don't ban! She's outnumbered by the men!"
And no one did! I was happy, I was like "Oh good, people are sensible on here!"
Oh, I was wroooong.
Silly me to have faith in the human race...especially with fan girls.

I placed up another picture about a year or two later, a BLEACH one this time of the Espada having Thanksgiving. There were 8 males and ONE female in the back, hardly visible. I offered the same plea.
It was erased.
So I thought, "Oh crap! They might have taken down the other one!" But no, no one reported that one. WHY?! Because people are idiots, that's why. They are on every site, they go through the rules and then surf the site and report anything they think is wrong.

My biggest thing was the Furry ban. What was the stupid ass reason for that? Because there were too many? Yes apparently, unlike fan artists, Furry artists are very productive and put out lots of pieces and surprisingly, a HUGE amount of them are damn good.
However, Y!Gallery would rather see pretty boys fucking instead animals and so they were banned. Only generic cat-boy art for us please! We're ignorant!
I posted up a picture of Komamura from BLEACH with a little Tousen on his head and it was erased. I asked why and people pretty much said, "because it's furry".
So I looked through the galleries and found more art on him. I mean, he had his own button for submission. So I said "Well...maybe it's someone with a stick up their cunt" and submitted it again placing a little thing in the description asking why if it's bad are there people still posting him? It was erased again, and I got mad.
I said, "Well, then why is other art up? What would happen if I reported them? Don't seem fair to me. So I reported one and I was BANNED.
Apparently, it was one salty cunt, who went about complaining in that oh so fan-girl way after I was banned about how "Mods don't see everything so it's up to us to help"
Pretty much translating to "We're bitches are GOD and fuck you if you put up something we don't like."
I've heard it many times. She also said that people BEFORE the ban came up were allowed to keep up their Furry art. This was a blatant lie, they were booted and cut out of the site, all of their art deleted, I know because I went looking for them and even asked a few of them.
So, fed up with idiocy, I took my shit down, wrote I QUIT on my virtual ass and hoped backwards into the virtual office of the Y!Gallery Mods.
I only returned because of a fan on a LJ I subscribe to who didn't have a dA page wanted to see some of my art and I would rather her fav it then put it on her computer. So I posted 1 picture.
Now I have taken it down, and here is why:

Turns out I was reading WikiFur and came across an article on you! Seems that you have LIFTED the BAN on furry art!

I laugh at your ass!
Because you were in the pot and needed money to keep your little site up so your Pretty-boy loving fan girls wouldn't jump off the roofs of their houses when their site for smut went down due to lack of funds. Because, you know, how much can a bunch of 14 year old girls pretending to be 18 scrap up out of their $20 a week allowance right?

Fucking figures you would FINALLY lift something when it gives you the chance to make money off people huh?
I have had people come up to me and say that you AREN'T anything like dA but in all honestly, you're probably worse. You're more bias towards shit and the more popular you are the farther you get. You show a boob on dA you get a ban, but you take a picture of a shaved pussy up and you're a daily fav! It's the same on this site, except replace shaved pussy with 10 year-old boy and boob with anything seeing as your little demi-GOD fan girls are soooo helpful.

Yep, it's fine to post a 10 year old boy taking it like a man "Shota" but nothing with a muzzle. OH! However, Bestiality seems to be okay according to your submission page.

I am speechless at how pathetic you truly are...and I wash my hands of you.
Enjoy your Hypocrisy.