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The After Christmas Crash

Holy Hell,
That just kinda came and went didn't it?

For my family Christmas was in full swing and everyone else the spirit. As for Roberts, it didn't really feel like Christmas for some reason, and I agree with that.I think it's because the were advertising it at Halloween and so by the time if got here we were like "Big deal."
But it was enjoyable.
I got some very nice things:

-A hair straightener (This shit is awesome, it's all one handed and it has a rotating part that brushes your hair while it heats your hair to straightness. I can't use it too often though or it dries out my hair)
-A hug stuffed penguin (I dunno, Grandma likes to give the girls stuffed toys. I LIKE IT!)
-New Pajamas (HURRAY!)
-2 amazing pairs of silver anklets from India (Given to me by Robert's father. The clasps are little elephant heads so I linked them together into a necklace.)
-Personal Trainer Cooking for the DS (Given to me by Robert because cookbooks annoy me. It's much easier to listen.)
-Finger Puppets in the shape of cats (Made by Benny...You will see them because no level of typing can describe how awesome these things are)

I also got a bunch of stuff from Mom, but God bless the woman...she does it so wrong it's sad.

So yes, the Christmas time if over and I got nothing to do. Schedule is open so yeah, hit me up or something!

To be continued...

And now, a song about flat-chested girls