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$205 of Porn in My Head

Before you all go "WHAT?!" I will say this...I did not go out and buy $205 worth of porn.
I have been commissioned by a girl on Furraffinity to do her some images for her story/birthday.
It's an 90's cartoon jambary! 5 pictures of fun in ways I have never drawn. I look very forward to it.

I'm very happy with this.
Commissions are still open.
Feel free to inquire.

Also, due to a recent falling out, I have a bunch of crap that isn't mine I want to sell.
I have a Digi Charat hat, a phone charm, a shit load of manga and some cute Catgirl cards so if you're interested, drop me a line.
Pictures will come later.

To be continued...

Boys and Girls be AMBITIOUS!
Art done by my awesome Canadian friend Jewels